New track ‘Moloch’

Having admittedly been quiet on music front over the last couple of months, I thought it might be worth showing that i have in fact been writing some new music, and hope to be recording a new album soon. I’ve been playing ‘Moloch’ live recently, so there’s a chance you may know it, here is [...]

Pics from ‘Black Southeaster’ launch by Niklas Zimmer

The Cape Town launch for ‘Black Southeaster’ has come and gone,  and how Benguela did bring the house down.  While my own set was admittedly plagued by  ill health and technical shortcomings (of the guitarists’ variety, not soundman’s), Benguela wowed the audience with an intricate and ferocious set  that set the tone for a very [...]

New Benguela album ‘Black Southeaster’ out July 23rd.

As a longtime fan of the band, i am proud to announce the release of Benguela’s 4th album, ‘Black Southeaster’, via Jaunted Haunts Press. This is also the band’s first new album since 2004′s SUI, coming after an extended hiatus and the improvisational trio’s return to Cape town’s live circuit in 2009. ‘Black Southeaster’ was [...]

Two Great Guitar albums Pt3 (clean and NOT serene): Ahleuchatistas & Sajjanu

Righto, i’m not even going to pretend not to have dropped the ball completely over the last couple of months, let’s just say that i’ve been a bit jaded as far as music is concerned. If there was one thing i did cultivate a keen appreciation for, musically, i would say that it’s a kind [...]